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Odvisniki od socialnih omrežij in distributerji

Social media author

At the World Economic Forum in Davos, the threat from Internet platform monopolies should be a top concern for attendees. For the sake of restoring balance to our lives and hope to our politics, it is time to disrupt the disrupters. We were warned. The venture capitalist and Netscape founder Marc Andreessen wrote a widely [...]

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Neenakost in prihajajoč vihar

global inequality

 The world is becoming increasingly unequal, and at an astonishing pace. According to Oxfam, in 2010, 388 billionaires owned as much private wealth as the poorer half of the global population. By 2016, a mere eight people did. The Great Recession that followed the 2008 financial crisis has hit the vulnerable especially hard, while many [...]

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Kitajska vizija naslednjih 30 let

Kitajska  SP

Achieving the lofty development goals China’s leaders have set will not be easy. But with a clear development blueprint and a powerful leader whose political clout all but guarantees continued reform, the country seems to be in a strong position to sustain its unprecedented economic success in the coming decades. Every five years, the Communist [...]

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Vakum svetovnih voditeljev (EN)

world leaders

Will Angela Merkel’s Germany ensure that great-power cooperation does not deteriorate beyond the point of no return in the Trump era? The answer to that question will likely determine if the international order has any order to speak of in the years ahead.  Trump’s top trade adviser, Peter Navarro, insists that China is suppressing the [...]

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Nas lahko Južna Koreja reši?


As North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un and US President Donald Trump’s war of words escalates, Independence Day celebrations – commemorating the Korean Peninsula’s 1945 liberation from Japanese colonial rule – are unfolding in both North and South Korea. The occasion underscores not just the shared history between the two countries, but also the South’s unique [...]

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Evropa na razpotju (EN)

France elections syndycate political

After the annus horribilis of 2016, when the United Kingdom decided to withdraw from the European Union and Donald Trump won the US presidency, the first months of 2017 have given Europeans new cause for hope.In the Netherlands’ recent general election, the anti-EU populist Geert Wilders fell short of expectations, and suffered a relative defeat [...]

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Kako naj se Evropa sooči z Trumpom (EN)


Donald Trump’s presidency poses a stress test for Europe, for transatlantic relations, and for the world as a whole. Indeed, in many ways, Trump’s “America first” policy is defined by its opposition to the internationalist US foreign policy of the past eight decades. For starters, Trump says that he trusts German Chancellor Angela Merkel and [...]

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Ocena Barackovega vodenja

Jerremy  Frankl

Presojo osemletnega predsedovanja Baracka Obame je treba začeti na začetku ob prvi izvolitvi 20. januarja 2009. Ameriško gospodarstvo je bilo v prostem padu: krčenje BDP, padanje zaposlovanja,s približno 800.000 izgubljenih delovnih mest vsak mesec. In dve slabo zasnovai in slabo izvedeni vojni v teku. Več :

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Amerika po volitvah

syndicate political author

The ongoing presidential campaign in the United States stands out for its lack of civility and the vast differences between the candidates: the anti-establishment businessman Donald Trump on the Republican side and the polished politician Hillary Clinton representing the Democrats. The contest has exposed deep fault lines within American society and damaged the country’s global [...]

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Brexit in King Canute


The legend of King Canute describes how an early Anglo-Saxon King showed his subjects the limits of royal power. Canute set his throne by the sea and commanded the rising tide to turn back. When the sea rose as usual and soaked Canute, he told his courtiers: “Now let all men know how empty is [...]

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Britanska tragedija v enem dejanju (EN)

Brexit charicature

OXFORD – Thursday night is said to have been momentous for those who campaigned to leave the European Union and turn Britain’s back on the twenty-first century. On that, at least, I can agree. As Cicero wrote: “O wretched and unhappy was that day.” The decision to leave the EU will dominate British national life [...]

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Brexita ne bo

Brexit image

Trenutno ankete kažejopribližno 50% podporo za izhod UK iz EU, t.i”Brexit”u, o katerem bodo odločali  junija na referendumu. “Nov dogovor”, ki so ga  sprejeli  na vrhu EU, 19. februarja, pa je prepričal Camerona za podporo obstanka v EU. Tako politični in tudi ekonomski vidik izstopa ne bi koristila UK in zato je skoraj zagotovo, da [...]

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Donacija Chan – Zuckerberg

 BERKELEY – When Facebook’s founder, Mark Zuckerberg, and his wife, Priscilla Chan, recently announced their plan to devote some $45 billion in Facebook shares toward making the world a better place, some critics wrote off the move as a public-relations ploy. They noted that Chan and Zuckerberg were not putting their shares in a charitable [...]

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Kitajska in morje


Since December 2013, China has added more than 1,200 hectares to islands in the South China Sea. The geopolitical implications of these land reclamation efforts are well documented: The majority of the activity has taken place on the Spratly Islands, an archipelago in the waters between Vietnam, Malaysia, and the Philippines, all of which – [...]

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Ameriško gospodarstvo za zapahi

sing sing

The United States has 5% of the world’s population and 25% of the world’s prison population – about 2.2 million people, five times as many as in 1980. One out of every 100 American adults is incarcerated – the highest per capita rate in the world, 5-10 times higher than in Western Europe or other [...]

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