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Zakaj potrditi, da je šlo za genocid nad Armenci

armenci genocid

The centenary of the genocide carried out by the Ottoman government against its minority Armenian population in their historic homeland, which lies in present-day Turkey, will be observed on April 24. The commemorations present an opportunity not only to remember the 1.5 million victims, but also to recognize – and challenge – the Turkish government’s [...]

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Demokracija versus rast?


Europe’s ongoing malaise has reignited the old debate over which form of government produces better economic performance. Are authoritarian regimes, with their ability to ram through unpopular choices, more effective at generating growth? Or does liberal democracy, with its built in checks and balances, yield greater material prosperity? It is a discussion in which the [...]

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Zgodba o dveh atomskih mestih

A tale of two Atomic cities

HIROSHIMA/NAGASAKI – On April 27, representatives of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty’s 190 member countries will meet in New York for a four-week review of the 45-year-old pact. The attendees would be wise to consider an important fact: Although the NPT requires its members to “pursue negotiations in good faith” on nuclear disarmament, a wide legal [...]

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Najmanj kar lahko storimo za Sirijo

PS Syria

Over the past four years, Syria has been the scene of terrible suffering and savagery. But the recent assault on the Yarmouk Palestinian refugee camp in Damascus by Daesh (Islamic State) fighters has shocked and appalled even the most hardened observers. The capture of the camp leaves 18,000 refugees at risk of slaughter, unable to [...]

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Bitka za Rusijo

Bitka za Rusijo

When I heard the news about the assassination of the Russian politician Boris Nemtsov in Moscow, I was reminded of a conversation I once had with a Soviet dignitary before the fall of the Berlin Wall. We were walking alone in the park at Versailles, talking in general terms about the twentieth century and its [...]

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Od Münchna do Kijeva

Munich to Kiyev

In 1938, when British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain returned from Munich proclaiming “peace in our time,” Winston Churchill famously denounced the decision Britain and France had just made. “You were given the choice between war and dishonor,” he said. “You chose dishonor and you will have war.” Sadly, British Prime Minister David Cameron, French President [...]

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Cena okoljske raznolikosti


We humans do not only share the planet with a range of other species, including plants, animals, and even microbes; we also depend on them for our survival. Can we determine the economic value of protecting the natural world? Some people will balk at the idea of putting a price tag on biodiversity, viewing its [...]

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Machiavelli v Evrodeželi

machiavelli in euroland

Niccolò Machiavelli is trending. More than 500 years after writing his famous treatise The Prince, Machiavelli has reemerged as one of Europe’s most popular political thinkers. And, indeed, his book – one of the earliest political “how to” manuals – has some useful advice for economic policymakers at a time when they are facing extraordinarily [...]

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Javno financiranje neenakosti


One of the factors driving the massive rise in global inequality and the concentration of wealth at the very top of the income distribution is the interplay between innovation and global markets. In the hands of a capable entrepreneur, a technological breakthrough can be worth billions of dollars, owing to regulatory protections and the winner-take-all [...]

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Cena grškega izstopa


Earlier this week ( today Wednesday 4 March), following days of tense discussions, the new government in Athens reached an agreement with its eurozone creditors that includes a package of immediate reforms and a four-month extension of the financial assistance program. But, despite Europe’s collective sigh of relief, the compromise does not preclude the need [...]

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Krvni davek umirajočega sistema

dying order

Ukraine’s crisis should not blind us to the main conundrum of global affairs today: while the world is more peaceful than it has been for 300 years, when measured by the number of wars between states, the level of disorder is rising. In fact, there is growing anarchy in the world’s hotspots. This tendency can [...]

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Enakopravnost spolov kot razvojni cilj

gender equality

Despite progress in many societies, women almost everywhere still suffer from significant levels of discrimination. Even in countries where gender equality has advanced furthest, women are over-represented in lower-paying jobs, under-represented in senior government and business positions, and on the receiving end of most domestic violence. In parts of the developing world, things are much [...]

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Facebook zavrnil Putina


On December 20, Russia’s government requested that Facebook block a page used to rally opponents of President Vladimir Putin. Facebook initially agreed, but allowed a new page to be opened the next day. By demonstrating that at least some Western companies care about values that cannot be expressed on their bottom line, Facebook undermined a [...]

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Finančna stabilnost versus evropska družba

Fiscal Austery

Over the last five years, the eurozone has, without explicit popular consent, maintained a strict policy focus on fiscal austerity and structural reforms – despite serious social repercussions, not only in the Mediterranean periphery and Ireland, but even in a “core” European Union country like France. Unless eurozone leaders rethink their approach, the radical Syriza [...]

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Rast, ne izstop Grčije

Greece Growth not exit image

The message from the Greek election must not be misunderstood. The fact that more than 36% of the country’s voters cast their ballots for Syriza, a far-left political party, does not mean that Greece has suddenly become communist. Rather, the electorate was expressing its indignation, despair, and wounded national pride. Greece’s European partners need to [...]

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