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Commission presents draft budged for 2016

The European Commission proposed the EU budget for 2016. The draft budged foresees €143.5 billion in payments (up 1.6% from 2015) and €153.5 billion in Commitments (down 5.3% from 2015). “Commitments” refers to the funding that can be agreed in contracts in a given year; “payments” to the money actually paid out.

The Budged will, according to the Commission, be used to boost innovation, create jobs, help convergence among Member States and among regions, deal more effectively with migration and further strengthen the role of the EU as a global player.

Nearly half of it (€66.58 billion) used to stimulate growth, employment and competitiveness. The Budget also supports the political priorities of the European Commission, for example the Energy Union and the Digital Single Market, via programs like the Connecting Europe Facility (€1.67 billion in 2016). €1.8 billion (30% more than 2015) is reserved for Erasmus+, the European program for education, training, youth and sport, which will help over 4 million people to work and study across the EU in 2014-2020.  More funds will be allocated for Increasing competitiveness through research and innovation with programs like Horizon 2020 (€10 billion in 2016, up 11.6% from 2015). €2 billion in commitments and €500 million in payments for the guarantee fund of the EFSI, to unlock €315 billion in investment for Europe. The EFSI-Regulation, including the budgetary aspects of the new investment structure, is subject to ongoing negotiations between the European Parliament and the Member States. €42.86 billion is reserved for farmers.

The EU budget also responds to new developments in Europe’s neighborhood and beyond. There is €9.5 billion (+28.5%) to support the EU’s capacity to respond to external crises, such as those in Ukraine and Syria, and to provide humanitarian help to those in need. The European Neighborhood Instrument (ENI) and the Development Cooperation Instrument (DCI) will be reinforced to €2.1 billion (+34%) and €2.7 billion (+27%), respectively.


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