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Report on 2014 infringements

The Commission published its Annual Report on how it monitors the application of Union law in 2014. The 32nd ‘Annual Report on Monitoring the Application of EU Law’ reviews the Member States’ performance on key aspects of the application of Union law and highlights the main enforcement policy developments of 2014.

The Commission found in the report that the number of formal infringement procedures has decreased in the last five years. This reflects the effectiveness of the structured dialogue with Member States via EU Pilot before a formal infringement procedure is launched. However in 2014, the number of late transposition infringement procedures increased by 22% compared to 2013. In cases of failure to transpose a directive within the agreed deadline, the Commission continued to make full use of the financial sanctions system introduced under the Lisbon Treaty

As in 2013, environment (322 cases), transport (223), internal market & services (162) ad Taxation and Coustums (130) remain the policy areas in which most infringement cases were open in 2014.

The Commission launches infringement procedures when a Member State does not resolve an alleged breach of Union law, when a Member State has not notified the measures transposing a directive into national law within the agreed deadline or on the basis of a Commission investigation or a complaint by individual citizens or businesses.

Citizens and stakeholders can directly report suspected breaches of EU law through an online complaint form accessible via the Europa portal Your rights. In 2014 the majority of complaints filed concerned employment, internal market and justice.


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