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A new novel


17.9. 2019 – A great historical novel, a tense narrative of Paul’s life path.The author, who did a research for it for fourteen years, approached the reader with a surprising personality of the apostle and missionary. Paul’s life  story is told in an unique way tells and the authro keeps in mind the biblical sources, [...]

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Online exhibition of outsanding European women in the arts and sciences

women in arts

18.1.2019 – Today the European Commission launched an online series of profiles on remarkable historical women in the arts and sciences, who have made important contributions to social, economic and technological domains. The stories of these extraordinary women will be published in Europeana, the EU digital platform for cultural heritage. On this occasion Commissioner for [...]

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Report on companies’ disclosure of climate-related information


10.1.2019 – The Technical Expert Group on Sustainable Finance set up by the Commission in July 2018 has today published its first report on companies’ disclosure of climate-related information. It contains recommendations that will allow the Commission to update its non-binding guidelines on non-financial reporting with specific reference to climate-related information, in line with the [...]

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Rovigo in search of a new identity

Pokrajina Polesine map

7.1.2019 – The existence of Rovigo was first recorded in 828. Its name is derived from Greek language and in one of its variants means “the city of roses”. After it was, together with the region,  for centuries owned by local and foreign aristocracy, it was in the 19th century, after the Napoleonic period, elevated [...]

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Tackling vaccination hesitance and refusal

vaccination BX

20.11.2018 – “To ask questions and seek answers is the way to improve the growing vaccination resistance in the EU”, was one of the important messages at the workshop in Brussels. There are many groups all over EU who are vaccine hesitant or refuse to vaccinate their children or use the vaccination in any of [...]

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Arbitration Agreement Slovenia / Croatia – what next? Highlights from the interview with Mr. Thomas Bickl , researcher at Duisburg-Essen University

arbitration process

26.10.2018 – The interview The problem Thomas Bickl :” The arbitration award is a binding settlement of a bilateral issue between Slovenia and Croatia. For a start, it has nothing to do with the EU. However, both States are members of the EU, and every EU Member has rights and obligations. And this is where [...]

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World Food Day : Report “How healthy do the Slovenes eat?

zdravstvene navade Slovencev

15.10.2018 – The World Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) in a recent report notes that after a period of decrease, a global famine is on a rise again. Today, more than 820 million people suffer from chronic malnutrition. Most come from developing countries, where they live in a rural area. In these areas, agriculture is the [...]

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Burnout in the workplace

Burnout in the workplace: A review of data and policy responses

13.9. 2018 – This report looks at the extent of burnout experienced by workers in the EU, based on national research. As a starting point, the report sets out to consider whether burnout is viewed as a medical or occupational disease. It then examines the work determinants associated with burnout and looks at the effects [...]

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The study on the cross border health care

health care 1

20.7.2018 – Patients in Europe are still generally unaware of their rights and the possibility to access health services in other EU Member States, as well as of the existence of National Contact Points (NCPs) to help them exercise their rights under the Cross-border Healthcare Directive. These are the results of the study ”Enhancing information [...]

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Iran awakening – Shirin Ebadi


17.4.2018 – Shirin Ebadi visited Ljubljana. She is an Iranian human rights lawyer. She has represented clients who have fallen foul of the Iranian political system and has been subject to intense scrutiny from her own government. She was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2003 for her courage in defending human rights and democracy. [...]

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Study on the Slovenian productivity


29.3.2018 – . Evropska komisija je objavila študijo o produktivnosti slovenskih podjetij, ki jo je generalni  direktorat Evropske komisije za gospodarske in finančne zadeve pripravil v sodelovanju s profesorjema Ekonomske fakultete Univerze v Ljubljani Polono Domadenik in Denisom Marinškom ter glavnim analitikom Gospodarske zbornice Slovenije Bojanom Ivancem.   Študija analizira razlike v produktivnosti med slovenskimi [...]

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Eurobarometer (88)


18.2.2018 – The latest national report of the Eurobarometer Standard Public Opinion Survey (EB88), conducted in the autumn of 2017, shows that Slovenians consider the most important challenges facing Slovenia, health and social care (38%) and unemployment (29%). According to Slovenian respondents, the most important challenges in the EU are terrorism (46%) and immigration (43%). [...]

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EU’s economic and social priorities for 2018


22.11.2017-Commission sets out EU’s economic and social priorities for the year ahead, gives policy recommendation for the euro area and completes the assessment of euro area Member States’ Draft Budgetary Plans. The 2018 European Semester cycle of economic, fiscal and social policy coordination starts against the backdrop of robust economic activity in the euro area [...]

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World Day of the Population

world day of population

The European Statistical Office Eurostat published data on the EU population on the World Day of the Population. On 1 January 2017, the European Union had 511.8 million inhabitants, and the year before 510.3 million. In 2016, 5.1 million children were born in the EU and the same number of people died, which means that [...]

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Reporting on Media Literacy in Europe


The purpose of the study (SMART2016-008) is to provide a comprehensive snapshot of media literacy initiatives in Europe. It was financed by the European Commission and written by the European Audiovisual Observatory.The study is the first major mapping of this field in Europe, providing a detailed analysis of the main trends, based on a selection [...]

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