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European Commission confirmation hearings

This afternoon the European Parliament will begin a marathon of 27 confirmation hearings for the men and women nominated to serve in the next European Commission. Each hearing will be three hours long and will feature 45 questions from MEPs. Only the most dedicated EU-watchers can be expected to watch the full 81 hours of questioning over the coming week. Luckily, European Voice’s team of reporters will be live-blogging from the hearings to tell you what you need to know.

The process will begin at 2:30pm today. Click below to watch the video feed and live blog from the hearings of:

At 6:30pm, the hearings continue with questioning of:

Clikc here for a full schedule of the hearings and a guide to what comes next.

Follow European Voice throughout the week for analysis of how the nominees, and the MEPs who questioned them, performed.

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