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Film reward LUX 2019

11.11.2019 – The three films are the finalists for this year’s LUX, Spanish, Danish and Nothern Macedonia are the finalists of 2019 competition. The films selected for the LUX FILM PRIZE competition raise awareness about some of today’s main social and political issues and, as a result, help to build a stronger European identity. By illustrating the diversity of European traditions and shedding light on the process of European integration, they help celebrate the universal reach of European values. The LUX FILM PRIZE has become an indicator of quality in backing European film productions. Its winning films have become hits within the EU and beyond, helping to publicise films that otherwise may not have been seen or discovered by many people and highlightingurgent issues. When the Parliament created the LUX FILM PRIZE, it decided to focus on distribution because it believes that this is the ‘Achilles heel’ of European cinema. Unlike the largely unified North American market, the film industry in European countries faces huge organisational and economic difficulties, which are rendered even more difficult by language barriers. Voting for your best movie: here More on LUX 2019: here

Source: EP Press

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