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Round table on much needed law on Psychotheraphy in Slovenia

29.5.2020 -  The on line event is free, but registration is necessary.  More:

Round table participants : Prof. dr. dr. Alfred Pritz, psychologist and psychoanalyst, rector of the Sigmund Freud University in Vienna since 2005, creator of the Austrian Psychotherapy Act of 1990. Doc. dr. Katharina Reboly, psychoanalyst, founding director of SFU Berlin since 2013. Zoran Milivojević, dr. med., psychotherapist, president of the Association of Psychotherapists of Serbia, one of the key actors in drafting the new Serbian bill on psychotherapy. Dr. Tamara Prevendar, psychologist and psychotherapy specialist, author of a monography on the psychotherapy in Croatia and the way of its adoption of the Croatian law on psychotherapy, which entered into force in 2018. Tomaž Flajs, gestalt psychotherapist with a European diploma in psychotherapy, vice president of the Slovenian umbrella association for psychotherapy groups for the Slovenian law on psychotherapy.

Round table moderator: Mag. Miran Možina, Ph.D. med., psychiatrist and psychotherapist, dean and director of SFU Ljubljana, member of the Working Group for the Slovenian Psychotherapy Act.

Theme and background: In 2018, new laws on psychotherapy were adopted by Croatia and Malta, in 2019 by Germany, and in 2020 Serbia drafted a new bill, while the Slovenian law is in a dead end, despite the fact that the Government on the 27 March 2018, the Assembly adopted the Resolution on the National Mental Health Program 2018−2028, which states that the field of psychotherapy and psychosocial counseling must be regulated by law. So far the designated time span has been neglected. Welcome to participate!

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