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Barcelona attack – some facts

18.8.2017-A white van was driven into a crowd on one of Barcelona’s most popular boulevards, Las Ramblas, late on Thursday afternoon. Catalan authorities later announced six bystanders and one police officer were injured in an anti-terror operation in the coastal town of Cambrils, southwest of Barcelona, during which police killed four suspects and injured another, who subsequently died. The suspects were wearing fake explosive belts. Authorities said the raid prevented a second terror attack. The death toll from the Las Ramblas attack stands at 13, with more than 100 injured. Spanish police said they were treating it as a terrorist attack. Catalonia’s regional president, Carles Puigdemont, said there had been two arrests in connection with the attack. Catalan authorities subsequently confirmed on Twitter a third person was arrested in the Catalan town of Ripoll. Puigdemont also declared three days of mourning. Islamic State claimed responsibility for the attack, the group’s Amaq news agency said.Police released a photograph of the man alleged to have rented the van used in the attack. Catalan parliament will convene for an emergency session at 10:55 a.m. Friday 11 to discuss the attacks. Spanish officials will gather in Plaza de Catalunya at noon Friday to mark a minutes’ silence in honor of the victims. Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy cancelled his holiday in Galicia, to return to Madrid. On Twitter he said he was in contact with the local authorities, saying the priority was to help the victims. Spain’s King Felipe tweeted: “They are murderers, simply criminals who are not going to terrorize us.” Police advised members of the public to avoid the area and said they had closed nearby shops and train stations. In an apparently related incident, police said a vehicle ran down two policemen at a checkpoint after the Ramblas attack. Police are also connecting the attacks with an explosion in Alcanar, about 100km south of Barcelona, in which one person died. It was reported earlier as a gas explosion.

Source: Politico

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