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Brexit fisheries dispute

EC6.6.2021 – The presence of several hundred patrol boats in the waters around Jersey – one of the picturesque Channel islands that provides offshore banking to the mega-rich – is the latest act in the Brexit farce. Jersey is one of the most patriotic and most pro-Brexit places you will find. Although, adding to the irony, it isn’t even part of the UK. Until 2026, the UK is transitioning away from the Common Fisheries Policy. After that, an annual agreement with the EU on fishing quotas will need to be negotiated.  Most of the UK fishing industry is finding that the early months of the Brexit experiment are leaving them financially worse off. The industry is losing an estimated £1 million per day due to new paperwork requirements to export their products to the EU market. The government’s failure last week to secure an agreement on quotas with Norway or Iceland is going to hurt precisely the fishing towns in those parts of north and eastern England that voted so heavily for Brexit. French President Emmanuel Macron and the European Commission say that the UK authorities are adding requirements that were not in the Trade and Cooperation Agreement. The UK government retorts that its shellfish firms have been denied licenses for export to the EU market, despite UK firms keeping the same standards as the EU. More: here

Source: Euroactiv

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