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Croatia becoming a full Schengen member once all the criteria are met

27.9.2017-European Commission is today proposing measures to preserve and strengthen the Schengen area. The Commission is proposing to update the Schengen Borders Code by adopting the rules for the reintroduction of temporary internal border controls to the current needs to respond to evolving and persistent serious threats to public policy or internal security. Stronger procedural safeguards are also being introduced to ensure that border controls at internal borders remain an exception – a measure of last resort – and are used only if necessary and proportionate, limiting the impact on free movement. The Commission is also publishing a Communication on the measures already taken to respond to security challenges at the external borders and within the Schengen area, and a Recommendation to the Member States on how to better apply if needed, the current rules on temporary border controls.Over the past years, the Commission has taken a number of steps to increase security within the Schengen area and to enhance the management of its external borders. The Schengen Borders Code has been amended on several previous occasions to ensure that it remains fit for purpose. Member States have used the Schengen rules to introduce temporary controls within the foreseen time limits and conditions, respecting and safeguarding the wider functioning of the Schengen system. The tools in place have served Europe well until now, but faced with new security challenges, the Schengen Borders Code needs to be updated to prolong the time limits for internal border controls, coupled with stronger safeguards. The Commission’s proposals today will update the rules while making sure they are used more effectively and only in exceptional situations as a measure of last resort when necessary and proportionate. The reinforced rules also tighten the duty to cooperate with the neighboring Member States, in particular, to minimise the impact on free movement. In addition, to improve the joint application of the Schengen Borders Code and wider Schengen rules, and echoing the call made by President Juncker in his State of the Union address, the Communication invites the Council now to take the decision fully integrating Bulgaria and Romania into the Schengen area, with Croatia becoming a full member once all the criteria are met.More: here

Source: EC Press

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