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Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland breaching their legal obligations

6.9.2017-In four progress reports adopted today, the Commission is calling on all parties to sustain and further accelerate the good progress made in managing irregular migration flows, protecting the EU external borders and supporting the frontline Member States under pressure. With 27,695 persons relocated so far, the EU relocation mechanism is working and delivering results. It is crucial that the Member States relocate all eligible candidates from Italy and Greece as swiftly as possible. The EU-Turkey Statement continues to ensure consistently low numbers of irregular arrivals in Greece and enabled almost 10,000 Syrians to be resettled to the EU. During the summer months, irregular crossings and deaths in the Central Mediterranean decreased significantly, reflecting also the concerted efforts by the EU, in particular, Italy. The tools of the European Border and Coast Guard are now in place, but more efforts are needed from the Member States to take full advantage of the Agency’s expanded mandate on returns. Two years after the launch of the emergency mechanism, relocation continues to show a positive trend confirming the significant acceleration of relocations observed in 2017, with an average of 2,300 transfers per month since February 2017, to almost all Member States. As of 4 September, over 27,695 persons (19,244 from Greece, 8,451 from Italy) have been relocated. However, with around 2,800 persons still to be relocated from Greece and new applicants arriving in Italy every day, continuous efforts are needed on all sides. The Member States must speed up the processing of relocation transfers and provide enough pledges for all candidates. Italy needs to accelerate the identification and registration of eligible candidates (in particular Eritreans). A number of Member States (Malta and Latvia) have already fulfilled their allocations for Greece, whereas others (Finland, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Sweden) are close to doing so. Malta and Finland are also close to fulfill their allocations for Italy. The Commission also welcomes that Austria has started relocating from Italy and that the first relocations from Italy to Slovakia are currently being prepared. The Czech Republic, Hungary, and Poland remain in breach of their legal obligations and have not relocated a single person (Hungary and Poland) or have not pledged relocation places for more than a year (Czech Republic). This is why, on 26 July, the Commission moved its infringement procedures forward and sent reasoned opinions to these Member States. The Commission welcomes today’s ruling by the European Court of Justice in which the Court confirmed the validity of the second Council Decision on relocation and dismissed the actions brought by Slovakia and Hungary. More:here

Source: EC Press

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