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EP president’s “faux pas”

13.2.2019 – Three months before the European Elections the president of the European Parliament was asked to resign. The reason for this unpleasant surprised was his speech in Italy in Bazovica, a small town at the border with Slovenia. Mr. Tajani attended the ambiguous ceremony on the 10 February, remembering the victims of the communist regime and the exodus of the Italians from Dalmatia, Reka, and Istria. In his speech, he also said: “…long live Trieste, Italian Istria, and Italian Dalmatia”. The Italian Minister of inner affairs was also present. Slovenian and Croatian governments protested and Tajani has apologized. He had a meeting with the Slovene and Croatian EP Members and published an open apology letter.

This afternoon I met with my fellow Members from Croatia and Slovenia, who sent me a letter. I sincerely regret and apologize for using the words that may have offended your citizens and were understood as a kind of territorial requirement. I assure you that this was neither my intention nor my position on the matter. In the mentioning of Istria and the Italian Dalmatia, I spoke of Istrian and Dalmatian Italian-speaking exiles, their children and their grandchildren, many of whom were at the ceremony. My political career offers numerous proofs of great friendship and respect that I have always nourished towards the inhabitants of Croatia and Slovenia. All forms of totalitarianism merit a decisive condemnation, and victims of Fascism, Nazism, and communism must be treated with the same respect. ( Antonio Tajani, 13.2.2019)

Recent “faux pas” of the president of the European Parliament, Mr. Tajani has opened a wound that has never been treated and healed properly, by Italians, Croats, and Slovenes. WWII was bad enough for everyone. The Germans have apologized, and the new generations are aware of their dark part in history. They talk about it and the generations have been taught in school in great details. There are monuments and other historical sights to remind us never to take that road again. Italians have not followed quite the same path and the part of the Slovene regime under Tito’s dictatorship has never apologized for the massive killings of the “unloyal” Slovenes, Croats, Romas after the War in Slovenia. President of the EP was or was not aware of the burning issue which is still an open wound in this area. He managed to apologize and should resign as well. The gesture might start the healing process on both sides and give a positive signal for Europe healing the wounds and opening a new chapter for the peoples. But firstly EU please, get on the same page with the Europeans and stop observing them from the Brussels bubble!

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