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Erasmus more inclusive and international

24.1.2019 – Today the European Commission published its annual report on Erasmus+, which shows that more people than ever before are participating, while the number of projects supported has continued to grow. At the same time, the programme is becoming more inclusive and more international. In 2017, the EU invested a record of €2.6 billion in the programme, which represents an increase of 13% compared to 2016. This made it possible to provide more opportunities for young people than ever before. The figures show that Erasmus+ remains well on track to meet its target of supporting 3.7% of young people in the EU between 2014 and 2020. The report also highlights that the programme is becoming more open for people from disadvantaged backgrounds as well as smaller organizations. Support for the programme has never been stronger. During a successful campaign in 2017 to celebrate 30 years of Erasmus, more than 750,000 people took part in 1,900 events in 44 countries, highlighting the role of Erasmus+ and its predecessors in enabling young people to develop their competencies and experience what it feels like to be European. More: here

Source: EC Press

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