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Eurobarometer on fish consuming

10.9. 2021 – Almost two-thirds of Europeans eat fish several times a month, according to the latest Eurobarometer survey on the habits of consumers in the EU when it comes to fishery and aquaculture products. The COVID-19 crisis does not appear to have significantly affected the consumption of seafood in the EU, although a slight decrease (-6 percentage points) has been observed since 2018, especially among the most heavy consumers. Quality and price remain the most important purchasing factors. The decision to buy seafood is mainly based on the appearance of the product (e.g. freshness, presentation), for 58% of European consumers, followed by price (54%). The low proportion of Europeans who reduced their fish consumption during the COVID-19 crisis are more likely to cite financial reasons as the main cause, either because fish has become more expensive (33%) or because their own financial situation has changed (25%). The promotion of cheaper or less popular but nutritious species is therefore essential. At the same time, consumers who increase their consumption due to health awareness (40%) and diet changes (35%) as the main reasons. The survey also confirms the importance of transparent information on all types of fishery and aquaculture products. More: here

Source: EC Press

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