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European Court of Justice rules on migration rules in Austria and Slovenia

27.7.2017-European Court of Justice rules it was lawful to return migrants to Croatia, the country where they entered the EU. Austria and Slovenia were entitled to deport migrants during the 2015-2016 migration crisis back to the state where they first arrived, according to a ruling from the European Court of Justice on Wednesday. The case establishes that the Dublin Regulations — which state that an asylum seeker’s application must be processed in the EU country of arrival — applied during the crisis. The landmark ruling in effect dismissed the notion that migration during 2015-2016 was an “exceptional circumstance” despite more than a million arrivals on European shores — a number that the EU struggled to both logistically and politically manage — in 2015 alone. And it clears Austria and Slovenia for returning hundreds of migrants back to Croatia, the first EU country that many of the returned migrants first arrived in. Allowing an EU country of arrival — Croatia in this case — to wave on migrants to their final destination without examining their applications “would be incompatible with the Dublin III Regulation ,” the court determined, and “a member state cannot be absolved” of the responsibility to examine the asylum application of those migrants who first entered the EU country. The decision also overruled the ECJ advocate general’s opinion, which was non-binding, that the refugee crisis was an exceptional circumstance under which countries where the asylum application was filed — not necessarily the country of arrival — are responsible for examining those applications. More: here

Source: Politico

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