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Foreign Antifa agents provoke violence at anti-government protest in Ljubljana

15.6.2020 – Foreign Antifa agents provoked violence at an anti-government protest in Slovenia’s capital, Ljubljana, on Friday. While such protests are nothing new in Slovenia, this is the first time that international Antifa was involved, and many Slovenes are alarmed. Slovenia’s Left has been holding protests regularly in the capital since the Right-wing populist government of Prime Minister Janez Janša came to office in March, often in violation of the country’s Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) lockdown measures. The protesters have a litany of complaints against the new government, including what they allege are the government’s attempts to increase police powers, the erosion of democracy and freedom of the press, anti-environmental measures, the failure of their pandemic response, and inciting hatred against migrants. Another protest was held in Ljubljana on Friday evening, and an estimated 5,000 demonstrators turned up at the event, according to an Associated Press report. This one saw more violence than previous demonstrations, and seven people were briefly detained by police when they tried to destroy a security fence that surrounds the country’s Parliament building. Those involved in the attack were fined. Some police officers were also assaulted by extremists. Earlier in the day, a few dozen protesters assembled in front of the US Embassy as well in solidarity with ongoing riots in the United States stemming from the death of George Floyd, a black man who died while being taken into police custody in Minneapolis nearly three weeks ago.Friday’s demonstrations were different, however, in that Antifa extremists from other countries were present and looking to cause trouble for the authorities by stoking violence. Masked extremists dressed in black and sporting common international Antifa logos stood in the forefront of the demonstration, and in some cases called for organised violence, according to a report by Slovenia’s Nova24TV. They chanted “Beware of fascists!” and carried a banner which read, “Borderless solidarity, against repression, militarism, and fascism” — common slogans of Antifa groups in Western Europe and the US. More: here

Source: Voice of Europe

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