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Freedom of media compromised in Spain

26.9.2017 -  In Catalonia there are  severe press freedom violations in clashes over the independence referendum. Tensions are running high, as plans for a referendum on independence are being challenged by the state authorities. Reports are also emerging of press freedom violations: Police confiscated the phone of a journalist who was reporting on a referendum event.Officers raided numerous print works and newspaper offices in their search for referendum ballot papers. Albert Bete, a mayor in the region said, “they [the Spanish government] are stretching the limits of democracy”.The journalists at the EC Midday briefing have also reported on the shutting down of several internet media promoting the referendum.

More than 300 members of the journalism community met on Thursday 21st September to protest against the harassment of media professionals who were reporting on the appeal for a vote on October 1st on full Catalonian independence from Spain. Catalonia is an autonomous province of Spain and has its own language and media including newspapers, magazines and TV stations. The manifesto “For the Freedom of the Press and for All Freedoms” was read out and the journalists denounced the “exceptional situation which Catalan journalists suffered” in recent weeks. Among the nine groups present at the meeting were the Journalists’ Union of Catalonia (SPC) and the Association of Information and Communication Media (AMIC). During the event, quotes were read out from famous press freedom campaigners such as George Orwell and Ana Politkovskaya. More:here

Source: EC for Press and Media freedom

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