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Theresa May reaches out to opposition

2.4.2019  – The UK prime minister says she will sit down with opposition Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn to try to find a joint way out of Brexit impasse.heresa May cannot deliver Brexit with the support of her own party. So she’s going to try to deliver it with the support of Jeremy Corbyn instead. In a significant Downing Street statement on Tuesday evening, which followed marathon seven-hour talks with her Cabinet, the U.K. prime minister set out a plan to meet the Labour leader as soon as possible to try and find common ground on changes to the Political Declaration on the future relationship with the EU that they can jointly put to the House of Commons.It means that a softer Brexit, in which elements of Labour’s plan — most importantly a customs union with the EU, which has already come within three votes of a majority in non-binding votes — is now much more likely to be supported by the Commons and implemented by the government. More: here

Source: Politico

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