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National Eurostat report

15.2.2019 – The latest national report of the Eurobarometer Standard Public Opinion Survey (EB90), carried out in the autumn of 2018, which shows that Slovenians consider that the most important challenges facing the country are health and social care (31%) and immigration (24%). According to Slovenian respondents, the most important challenge in the EU is immigration (58%) and terrorism (20%). The majority of Slovenes are optimistic about the future of the EU (63%), while a good third of respondents (35%) are pessimistic. For more than half of Slovenes (52%) and a similar proportion of Europeans (53%), the EU is to the greatest extent the freedom to travel, study and work anywhere in the EU. On the second or in a third place, respondents in relation to the EU, as the greatest achievement most commonly mentioned the euro and peace. Most Slovenians feel a sense of civic affiliation with the European Union (72%), which is very similar to the EU-28 average, where 71% of Europeans are identified with the EU citizens. More: ST90-Report-RepSI-Final

Source: EC Press

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