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“No” for Brexit in UK

15.1.2019 – British MPs rejected Prime Minister Theresa May’s Brexit deal by a record-breaking 230 votes, shrouding the U.K.’s path out of the European Union with doubt. The vote in the House of Commons — 432 against and 202 for — means that the Withdrawal Agreement struck between May’s government and the EU in November last year has fallen at the first hurdle. With the U.K. legally required to leave the EU on March 29, May now has no choice but to return to Brussels seeking further talks on an agreement that she calls the “only deal” that can deliver on the June 2016 referendum result while also avoiding an economically damaging no-deal break from the EU. With protesters massed outside the Houses of Parliament — most pro-EU, but many pro-Brexit — May said ahead of the vote that MPs were making “a decision that will define our country for decades to come.” It is possible that she could bring her deal to a vote again in the coming days, after further talks with the EU, but Brussels has given no indication it is prepared to substantially alter the agreement.  May’s government will face a vote of confidence in the House of Commons on Wednesday, spearheaded by leader of the Labour opposition Jeremy Corbyn. May’s deal was voted down by Labour and other opposition parties, but also by dozens of Conservative MPs and the Northern Irish Democratic Unionist Party which props up her minority government. More: here

Source: Politico

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