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New rules to boost consumer trust

17.4.2019 – In the field of Food safety have MEPs approved new rules, already agreed with EU ministers, which ensure that the EU’s risk assessment procedure for food safety is more reliable, transparent and objective, passing with 603 votes in favor, 17 against and 27 abstentions. Unfavorable studies will no longer be withheld. The new rules will create a common European Database of commissioned studies to deter companies applying for authorization from withholding unfavorable studies. This will allow the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) to make submitted studies public for third-party scrutiny, which may be used to identify whether other relevant scientific data or studies exist, to ensure accuracy. In addition, to ensure the new rules are transparent, applicants must disclose all information relevant for assessing safety; however, some information, such as the manufacturing or production process, may be kept confidential. Finally, the new law also supports the implementation of a new pre-submission advisory procedure that enables EFSA to advise applicants on how to submit their application for authorization correctly, making the process more reliable. More: here. 

The second new law in the field of the consumer’s protection had already agreed with EU ministers, updates consumer rights for the internet age, ensuring consumers will have more information about how online rankings work and when they derive from paid placements. The revamped rules also aim to make the use of online reviews and personalised pricing more transparent for consumers. Online marketplaces and comparison services (e.g. Amazon, eBay, Airbnb, Skyscanner) will have to disclose the main parameters determining how offers resulting from a search query are ranked. Consumers must also be informed from whom they are buying goods or services (a trader, the online marketplace itself or a private person) and whether personalized pricing was used. More: here

Source: EP News

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