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Recycling plastic packaging in EU

4.3.2019 – Data from the Eurostat show that the recycling rate of plastic packaging has almost doubled since 2005. The recycling rate and the use of recycled materials in the EU are constantly increasing. In the EU, approximately 55% of all waste (without major mineral waste) was recycled in 2016. A review of individual waste categories shows that 46% of municipal waste, 67% of packaging waste, 42% of plastic packaging and 41% of waste electrical and electronic equipment were recycled in 2016. 89% of construction waste and demolition waste were also processed. Despite high recycling rates, on average, only 12% of the material resources used in the EU were obtained from recycled and processed products in 2016. The circular economy seeks to bring products, materials, and resources back to the production cycle at the end of their use, in order to keep their value as long as possible, while creating as little waste as possible. More: RECycling

Source: EC Press

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