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Report on the first residence permits issued in the EU Member States in 2018

28.10.2019 – In 2018, about 3.2 million first residence permits were issued in the European Union (EU) to non-EU citizens. The number increased by 0.4% (or 13000) compared with 2017, continuing the upward trend observed in each of the three previous years. Family reasons accounted for almost 28%of all first residence permits issued in the EU in 2018, employment reasons for 27%, education reasons for 20%,while other reasons, including international protection, accounted for 24%.The increase in the total number of first residence permits in 2018in comparison with 2017 was mainly due to the increasing number of first permits issued for education reasons (up by 110 000, or 21%)and family reasons(up by 83000, or 10%),whereas the number of first permits issued for employment reasons decreased by 124 000(-12%) and forother reasonsby 56000(-7%). More: here

Source: EC Press

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