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Restrict the toxic’s substance’s effects on human reproductive health

18.12.2018 – The Commission has today adopted a decision to restrict the use of four phthalates (DEHP, BBP, DBP, and DIBP) – substances known to have toxic effects on human reproductive health – in consumer products on the EU market. The restriction decision has been adopted by amending the EU’s REACH regulation, the most advanced and comprehensive chemicals legislation in the world. The REACH regulation has already allowed the EU to significantly reduce our citizens’ exposure to harmful chemicals over the last 10 years and the Commission constantly evaluates how to further enhance the protection of consumers, workers, and the environment. Substances including the four phthalates can be present in plasticized materials in a wide variety of everyday products, from cables and coated fabrics to sports equipment. Consumers can be exposed to phthalates through oral or skin exposure or by breathing dust particles with such substances. Today’s decision will complement the existing restriction on three phthalates in toys and other childcare articles. It will extend the existing rules to include four phthalates and cover all consumer items containing these substances. The restriction follows the scientific and technical recommendations by the European Chemicals Agency and will come into effect as of June 2020. More: here

Source: EC Press

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