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Safeguarding competition in aviation and on a modernised road toll system

21.11.2018 – Yesterday, the European Parliament and Council reached two provisional political agreements on legislative proposals from the Commission, in two crucial areas of European mobility. An agreement was reached on new EU rules to safeguard competition in aviation. This regulation will ensure that Europe remains a leader in international aviation, well connected to fast-growing markets. This is a concrete sign of a Europe that protects and that will take action whenever other non–EU carriers will benefit from practices that will put Europe’s interest and connectivity at risk. With its ‘Aviation Strategy for Europe’ from December 2015, the Commission underlined the importance of this proposal and has now delivered. A second agreement was reached on the ‘European Electronic Toll Service’, a system that will make all the different electronic road toll systems interoperable across Europe. This will allow, once implemented, people to drive from Tallinn to Lisbon without the hassle of having to deal with different road toll systems. This will also simplify administration and reduce fraud. In addition to providing a better service to European users by making it possible to pay tolls in the whole EU with one contract and one on-board device, the system reduces the costs and allows for an easy collection of tolls. Furthermore, the European Electronic Toll Service will enable the application of the ‘user pays’ and ‘polluter pays’ principles and thus contribute to the Commission’s Climate objectives. Violeta Bulc, Commissioner for Transport, said: “I am proud to see that yesterday we achieved concrete results in two key areas that will enhance Europe’s leadership in mobility. The agreement on safeguarding competition in aviation ensures that aviation can continue to drive mobility, growth and job creation in the EU. While with the ‘European Electronic Toll Service’ the First Mobility Package is starting to bear fruit and the Commission paves the way for modern European electronic tolling rules, contributing to a seamless travel experience for our road users. More: here

Source: EC Press

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