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Western Balkans and COVID -19

21.4.2020 – Following requests for assistance via the EU Civil Protection Mechanism in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic, the EU is coordinating and co-financing the delivery of aid shipments in the EU and in neighbouring countries. Slovakia is sending masks and disinfectant to Italy, while Austria is sending gloves and disinfectant to Croatia. To help tackle the coronavirus, Austria is also sending gloves, disinfectant and other items to Bosnia and Herzegovina, North Macedonia, Montenegro and Moldova. Serbia will also receive blankets, mattresses and tents for migrants in the country via the Mechanism from Austria. This is part of overall EU support to the Western Balkans and the region, which includes financial assistance. Italy has now received several offers of assistance via the EU Civil Protection Mechanism, including medical teams of doctors and nurses as well as bilateral offers of personal protective equipment from several EU Member States. More: here

Source: EC Press

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