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State of the Union 2018

12.9.2018 – European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker in today’s annual speech on the State of the Union (#SOTEU) before the European parliamentarians in Strasbourg presented the priorities for the year ahead and its vision of how the European Union can continue building a “united, stronger and more democratic EU “which was the theme of his last speech. In light of the increasingly uncertain global situation has highlighted the need for greater sovereignty Europe, so that it can assume a greater role in resolving global issues and take their destiny into their own hands. Belonging to the European Union means that united we are stronger, underlined Juncker. Juncker’s speech also mentioned the 18 concrete initiatives on migration and border security, free and secure elections, the EU partnership with Africa and the EU as a global player, which is presented today by the European Commission. The Commission will seek for immediate realization of these proposals to the summit in the Romanian Sibiuu and European elections in May 2019 brought positive results for the people.More information link . Press releases (summaries):

  • Safety : new rules on the disposal of terrorist content on the internet; measures to ensure free and fair election results; enhanced European Public Prosecutor’s Office to combat cross-border terrorism; incentives to invest in cyber security;
  • Migration and reform borders : enhanced European Union agency for asylum; fully equipped European Border and Coast Guard; stricter EU rules on return; legal migration;
  • Africa and outward investment : a new alliance between Africa and Europe for sustainable investment and jobs; efficient funding structure for investment outside the EU;
  • Common foreign and security policy : improving the efficiency of decision-making;
  • Moving time : The Commission proposes abolishing moving clocks twice a year;
  • Prevention of money laundering : tighter controls on money laundering and stable banking and financial sector.

More: here

Source:EC Press

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