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The EU in 2016

Do you want to know what progress the EU made in delivering on its priorities in 2016? And how the EU citizens benefited from the Union? Today the European Commission published the 2016 edition of the General Report on the activities of the European Union. The General Report complements the White Paper on the future of Europe, providing an insight into the major EU events, initiatives and decisions of 2016.

President Juncker said “Our ambition now, as the European Union, must not be to adapt to a changing world, but to shape it. Our goal is not only to protect what we have today, but to build a better society for tomorrow. Our children deserve a Europe that preserves their way of life. They deserve a Europe that empowers and defends them. They deserve a Europe that protects. It is time we — the institutions, the governments and the citizens — all took responsibility for building that Europe. Together.” The Report is available in all official EU languages here.

Source: EC press

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