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Three quarters of all trips within their own country

27.6.2019 – In 2017, EU residents made 1.3 billion trips with overnight stays that amounted to almost 6.4 billion nights. Theaverage trip length was 5.1 nights. Compared with 2016,the number of tourism trips by EU residents increased by 4%.Three quarters (73%) of all trips were spent within the country of residence (domestic trips), while one quarter (27%)were abroad(outbound trips), of which 21% to other EU countries and 6% to destinationsoutside the EU.The most common means of transport for trips was private or rented motor vehicles(predominantly cars) (64%), followed by airplanes (17%), trains (11%), buses (6%) and water vessels (2%). Airplanes served as the main means of transport forover half of outbound trips (56%),while for domestic trips EU residents travelled mainly by motor vehicles (76%), followed by rail (13%). Most of the travel by air was for personal reasons (82%), while the remaining 18% of air trips were for professional purposes. Več: here

Source: EC Press


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