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Use of internet advertising by enterprises

In the last 15 years,the internet has redefined the output of traditional broadcast media — television and radio — as well as print media, such as magazines and newspapers. It offers a number of new or extended services, particularly in marketing and advertising.However, while around three-quarters of enterprises located in the European Union (EU) and employing at least 10 persons had a website in 2016 and almost half used social media, just a quarter (25%) used internet advertising. Businesses running their marketing campaigns on the internet have developed targeted advertisement methods that increase the likelihood of their promotional marketing messages reaching the right audience. Used by over three-quarters (78%) of EU businesses advertising online, contextual advertising (i.e. ads based on the content of the web pages internet surfers are viewing) was by far the most popular type of targeted internet advertising. This was followed by geo-targeting advertisement (i.e. ads based on the users’ geographic location) with 30% and behavioural targeting advertisement (i.e. ads based on users’ past browsing activities using cookies) with 27%, while the use of other methods of targeted advertising was reported by 35% of EU businesses. More :

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