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April’s infringement package

The European Commission reported in its infringement package for April, that it has 135 open proceedings against Member States for not fulfilling its obligations under EU law. Among them 4 cases are being or have already been forwarded to the European Court of Justice .

Among the major issues investigating by the Commission is the non-functioning of the Functional Airspace Block (FAB) over Germany, Belgium, France, the Netherlands and Luxembourg. FAB is a common airspace arranged around traffic flows rather than state boundaries and is are a crucial step towards a more efficient, less costly and less polluting aviation system in Europe. The Commission has formally requested the countries to improve their FAB.

Matters which the Commission submitted to the Court are concerning the EU Energy efficiency of buildings in Belgium and Finland, as they have not transposed the Directive on the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive into their national legislation. Against Austria a proceedings before the Court will begin due to inadequate protection of the river Schwarze Sulm in Styria, where the planned construction of the power plant could led to a serious deterioration in the quality of the river, which is one of the longest and pristine rivers in the region. Poland will have to defend itself before the Court because of non-compliance with EU legislation on fluorinated greenhouse gases.

Slovenia received two official requests from the Commission. First in the field safety of medicines, where the Commission requests that Slovenia provide a complete transposition of the Directive on pharmacovigilance. The Directive lays down requirements for the safety monitoring of medicines in the European market and for the prevention, identification and assessment of adverse drug effects. Formal notice regarding the directive also received Italy Denmark and Netherlands. Another request addressed to Slovenia is due to the lack of transparency in funding in its financing for rail, since Slovenia failed to correctly apply European rules on the separation of accounts between infrastructure managers and railway operators.


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