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Call from EFSA

28.5. 2018 – The European Commission has published a call for new members and members of the Management Board of the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA). The Steering Committee consists of fourteen members, and the term of office expires on June 7, Details of the call were published in the EU’s Official Journal on 24 May 2019. The deadline for application is 19 July 2019. The Commission will send the list of applicants to the EU Council, which will appoint new members after consulting the European Parliament. The candidates are expected to be selected in June 2020 and will begin their four-year term on 1 July 2022. The duration of the mandate depends on possible amendments to the new legislation, which is expected to be confirmed in the summer of 2019. The European Food Safety Authority plays an important role in assessing risks to food and feed safety in the EU. It provides independent scientific assessments and expert support for the development of European legislation and policies in areas that may have an indirect or direct impact on food and feed safety and also addresses issues relating to animal health and welfare and plant health. It also advises on legislative aspects of food and feed, including new food technologies such as genetically modified organisms. More: here

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