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Media tenders and grants

2.8.2021 – The Commission published four new calls for proposals aiming to stimulate a lively and diverse public sphere and promoting citizens’ access to reliable information across the EU. One call will support multilingual media content on EU affairs through digital platforms, while the other aims to increase content production in this area through a network of radio stations. In addition, a pilot project will support youth media networks producing thought-provoking content on current affairs via social media formats and events. Furthermore, a preparatory action for media platforms seeks to improve citizens’ access to trusted information, involving broadcasters and publishers. Together, the calls represent close to €12 million in EU funding. All financed projects will operate with full editorial independence. Vice-President for Values and Transparency. The new calls build on two others recently launched to support the news media sector: a call on journalism partnerships to encourage sector-wide, cross-border collaboration among European news media organisations under the new Creative Europe programme, and a call financed through Horizon Europe, supporting projects focused on innovation for media. These initiatives are part of a broader effort to support a free, viable and pluralistic media environment across the EU, as announced in the European Democracy Action Plan and the Media and Audiovisual Action Plan. More: here

Source: EC Press

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