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September infringement package

The European Commission published its latest Infringement package. In the package, the Commission taken 147 decisions, including 39 reasoned opinions and 4 referrals to the European Union’s Court of Justice.

Slovenia has three cases pending. The Commission has formally requested Belgium, Luxembourg, Latvia, The Netherlands and Slovenia to take action to ensure full compliance with their obligations under EU legislation on oil stocks. The Oil Stocks Directive (2009/119/EC) requires Member States to maintain stocks of crude oil and/or petroleum products equivalent to at least 90 days of average daily net imports or 61 days of average daily inland consumption, whichever of the two quantities is greater.

The Commission has also send Germany and Slovenia details about how EU legislation on waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) is being enacted in their domestic law. The new WEEE Directive, which had to be implemented already in February 2014, replaces and updates older rules on waste electrical and electronic equipment and seeks to prevent or reduce adverse impacts of the generation and management of WEEE on human health and the environment.

And finally, the Commission sent a formal request to the Czech Republic, Romania and Slovenia to notify full transposition of the cross-border healthcare Directive (2011/24/EU). The Directive lays down patients’ rights to choose to receive healthcare in another Member State, and claim reimbursement for it at home. According to Commission the above stated member states have not fully turned this Directive into national law, despite being required to do so by 25 October 2013.

If Member States fail to respond timely and adequately, the Commission will, in two months’ time, refer member states to the EU court of Justice.


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