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World Food Day : Report “How healthy do the Slovenes eat?

15.10.2018 – The World Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) in a recent report notes that after a period of decrease, a global famine is on a rise again. Today, more than 820 million people suffer from chronic malnutrition. Most come from developing countries, where they live in a rural area. In these areas, agriculture is the main economic driver of the country. With appropriate measures, such as an appropriate development policy and the introduction of various programs for the transformation of the rural economy, we can reduce hunger and malnutrition. By doing so, we can improve the material position of these people, provide them with access to better education, as well as greater opportunities for health. Research in Slovenia “The health-related behavioral style of the population of Slovenia” was carried out in 2016 at the National Institute of Public Health and is part of the international initiative.  The latest data has shown some favorable trends in nutrition. The share of people in Slovenia who eat vegetables every day who regularly and  eat breakfast has increased, while the share of people who enjoy sweetened drinks is decreasing. More: here

Source: NIJZ press

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