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Structural reform of the EU banking sector


The European Commission has proposed new rules for the operation of the largest and most complex banks. To reform the banking and banking supervision the EU and its Member States are striving practically since the beginning of the financial crisis. New reforms in this area aim to create a safer, sounder, more transparent and more [...]

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European Commission approved recapitalization of Slovenian banks


The European Commission has submitted the approval for the state aid to five Slovenian banks. NLB and NKBM shall receive the state aid which it will enable the Banks to become sustainable in the long run without substantially distorting competition. Help for the Factor bank and Probanka, which are already in planned liquidation proceedings, is [...]

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Results of stress tests – who will take the responsibility?

Jazbec in Čufer

European Commission and the Slovenian Finance Minister Uroš Čufer and the Governor of the Bank of Slovenian Boštjan Jazbec, revealed the results of stress tests for Slovenian banks at a press conference earlier today. The stress tests were a necessary precondition of the European Commission prior to the transfer of bad assets on banks’ claims [...]

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