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Ursula von der Leyen zbrala zadostno podporo

Ursula van Lyden

16.7.2019 – On 16 July 2019 Ursula von der Leyen, Candidate for President of the European Commission, presented her political guidelines for the upcoming five years to the Members of European Parliament. She manage to obtain the support needed to obtain the position of the EC President. A European by heart and by conviction, the Candidate [...]

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EU reports on progress in fighting disinformation ahead of European Council

FAke news

14.6.2019 – Protecting our democratic processes and institutions from disinformation is a major challenge for societies across the globe. To tackle this, the EU has demonstrated leadership and put in place a robust framework for coordinated action, with full respect for European values and fundamental rights. Today’s joint Communication sets out how the Action Plan against [...]

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Can a “No-Deal” Brexit Be Avoided?

brexit 3

British Prime Minister Theresa May’s party is divided, her cabinet is split, and perhaps half its members are jostling to succeed her. To ensure an orderly withdrawal from the European Union, her government has only one option. It is a near-tragedy that the United States and the United Kingdom – the two countries most identified [...]

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Commission offers new opportunities to participate in the law-making process


New online feedback tool launched as part of the Commission’s new, user-centred web presence. The Commission has opened up another part of the EU decision-making process for stakeholder input. In line with its commitments under the Better Regulation Agenda and the broad effort to increase transparency in the EU Institutions, as of 30 June, draft [...]

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Enhanced democracy in EU


On 19 May the Commission announced a number of new public consultation tools as part of its Better Regulation agenda. Today the Commission implements the first of these measures, introducing new opportunities for stakeholder comments on Commission policy documents and proposals. Firstly, the initial Roadmap or Inception Impact Assessment of any new legislation will be [...]

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Democracy Versus Growth?


Europe’s ongoing malaise has reignited the old debate over which form of government produces better economic performance. Are authoritarian regimes, with their ability to ram through unpopular choices, more effective at generating growth? Or does liberal democracy, with its built in checks and balances, yield greater material prosperity? It is a discussion in which the [...]

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Ukraine’s next steps to democratization

ukraine win

The presidium of the Euromaidain organization: singer Ruslana, student Elizabeta Shchepetylnikova, Andrii Ilyenko – Svoboda, Serhii Sobolev – Batkivshchyna, Valerii Patskan – UDAR agree that changing people in the government will not bring reforms in the Ukraine.The constitutional reform and parliamentary democracy is needed. The Ukrainian people want to achieve: 1. Resignation of Yanukovich and [...]

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