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The Citizen of Europe reward 2017


The European Parliament reward “Citizen of Europe 2017″ received the program “Elderly for the Elderly”. The event was also attended by MEPs Ivo Vajgl,Igor Šoltes, Lojze Peterle and Franc Bogovič. The prize was awarded by the head of the European Parliament’s Information Office in Slovenia, Klemen Žumer.More: here Source: EP Press

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EP voted for CETA


The European Parliament voted on the 15 February in favour of the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) between the EU and Canada, concluding the ratification process of this deal at the EU level. CETA creates new opportunities for EU companies. It will save EU businesses over €500 million a year currently paid in tariffs [...]

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New EP president


The newly-elected president of the European Parliament, Antonio Tajani, has already indicated he wants to be more of a “speaker” than a “prime minister,” a not-too-subtle dig at his predecessor Martin Schulz, who, during his five years at the helm, gained a reputation for meddling in all aspects of parliamentary life. “It is not for [...]

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Workshop – Health Promotion & Primary Prevention

vabilo EP

“Health Promotion & Primary Prevention – Exchange of Good Practices”, Tuesday 29 November 2016, from 12.45 to 14.45 European Parliament, room PHS 5B001, Brussels AGENDA Co-Chairs: Mr Alojz PETERLE (MEP) and Ms Glenis WILLMOTT (MEP) 12:45 – 12:50 Opening and welcome by the co-chairs Part 1 – The state of primary prevention and health promotion [...]

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Committee meetings, Brussels


European Parliameant’s Agenda for 18 to 24 April 2016 Turkey visa liberalisation. The European Commission report on Turkey’s progress towards meeting EU visa liberalisation requirements will be debated by the Civil Liberties Committee. Parliament would need to agree with the Council to exempt Turkish nationals from EU visa requirements. (Thursday) Missing migrant children. More than [...]

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The European Parliament approved glyphosate for 7 years


“Immediate ban on the use of the herbicide glyphosate in the EU would be in favor of the countries that produce GMO agricultural products, and shot in the knee for the EU agriculture”, says MEP Bogovič. The European Commission has proposed to renew  the approval  of the herbicide glyphosate in the EU for 15 years [...]

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Stagiers in the EP ( SL)

STR stavba

Vacancies for Slovene stagiers in the offices of MEPs Peterle and Šoltes. Pisarni  evropskih poslancev Alojza Peterleta in dr.Igorja Šoltesa razpisujeta prosta delovna mesta stažistk/ov. Razpis  pisarna Lojzeta Peterleta: Evropski poslanec Lojze Peterle (ELS/NSi) vabi k sodelovanju v natečaju, ki bo 3 izbranim kandidatom prinesel 1-mesečno plačano stažiranje v pisarni evropskega poslanca v Evropskem parlamentu. [...]

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Aid to Ukraine in the European Parliament

Ukraine - aid

Humanitarian aid for the Ukraine will be collected in the European Parliament from the 20 October until 30 November 2015. Please bring blankets, sleeping bags, clothes, shoes – they will be very much needed during the winter.

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European Youth Media Days 2015 – Calls for Participants


The call is open to young journalists aged between 18 and 30 who are citizens or legal residents of a EU Member State or neighbouring country only. The event will be held in English, so a working level of the language is required.  Deadlines 9 and 16 August. More:

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Stagiers in the EP (Slovenian)


Praksa v Evropskem parlamentu RAZPIS Evropski poslanec Lojze Peterle (ELS/NSi) vabi k sodelovanju na natečaju, ki bo 3 izbranim prinesel 1-mesečno plačano stažiranje v pisarni evropskega poslanca v Evropskem parlamentu v Bruslju. Izbrani kandidati bodo na ta način nabirali neprecenljive delovne izkušnje, spremljali delovni proces Evropskega parlamenta in delo evropskega poslanca, ki v EP deluje [...]

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Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker in the Parliament on “Lux leaks”

juncker lux leaks

Last week  (12 November) Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker appeared in person for Parliament’s extraordinary debate.  Mr Juncker underlined that the tax rulings in Luxembourg were not illegal even though he admitted that “there probably was a certain amount of tax avoidance in Luxembourg, as in other EU countries. We find this everywhere in Europe because [...]

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EP in the week 3 to 9 November – Committe meetings

decision making

The Week Ahead 3 – 9 November 2014 GMOs. The environment and public health committee will vote on draft legislationthatmodifies current rules on GMOs by giving member states the option of restricting or banning their cultivation on their own territory, even if it is allowed at EU level. (Wednesday) European Council. MEPs, at an open [...]

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Green light for the Slovene Commissioner


On the 21 October, the all-party parliamentary transport committee gave the green light to Violeta Bulc becoming commissioner for transport. Socialists and Democrats acknowledged that she performed well at her hearing yesterday, considering how little time she had to prepare for it. They said that they expect the transport commissioner to follow the line and [...]

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Bratušek will not resigne, but will be rejected by EP

The growht of the depth under Bratušek

Alenka Bratušek  demanted the news  on October 8, of her resignation and will wait for the official decision from the Industry, Research and Energy and Environment, Public Health and Food Safety comitties in the EP in the morning. They are very likely  to reject her as a Commissioner for Energy but itis not clear yet, [...]

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Plenary from 15 to 18 September


The European Parliament will meet on Monday 15. 9. 2014 meet on its plenary session. From 17.00 to 21.00. MEPs will debate on the Impact on European agriculture of the trade ban on agricultural products and foodstuffs from the EU, imposed by the Russian Federation. On Tuesday, Parliament will be address by the High Representative, [...]

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