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EPP to support culture in EU


17.9.2020 – The EPP Group supports the use of €12 billion to help Europe’s cultural and creative sectors recover from the COVID-19 crisis. This money should be taken from the EU’s planned Recovery and Resilience Facility. “We call for clearly dedicated money to secure the jobs of almost 8 million artists and workers of the [...]

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New EP president


The newly-elected president of the European Parliament, Antonio Tajani, has already indicated he wants to be more of a “speaker” than a “prime minister,” a not-too-subtle dig at his predecessor Martin Schulz, who, during his five years at the helm, gained a reputation for meddling in all aspects of parliamentary life. “It is not for [...]

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Traineeship in EPP (Slovene speaking)


Skupina ELS ponuja tri mesečno prakso. Praktikanti za kritje življenjskih stroškov v Bruslju prejemajo mesečno nadomestilo v višini 1000 EUR. V času opravljanja prakse se lahko udeležijo enega plenarnega zasedanja Evropskega parlamenta v Strasbourgu. Skupina ELS posebej krije stroške službenih potovanj (potne stroške in stroške namestitve). Skupina krije tudi nezgodno zavarovanje, praktikanti pa morajo pred začetkom [...]

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The EPP Political Assembly expresses concerns about the situation in Slovenia and supports lustration

end of communism

Mr. Peterle believes that the resolution brings to the attention  a larger problem of an  unfinished transition in the region.The EPP calls for the swift adoption of rigid lustration laws in all Member States which have not yet done so, as well as their thorough implementation, and for a transparent and public scrutiny of this [...]

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