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New rules to boost consumer trust


17.4.2019 – In the field of Food safety have MEPs approved new rules, already agreed with EU ministers, which ensure that the EU’s risk assessment procedure for food safety is more reliable, transparent and objective, passing with 603 votes in favor, 17 against and 27 abstentions. Unfavorable studies will no longer be withheld. The new [...]

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Highlights from the European Parliament – interviews with the Slovene MEP’s


At the May plenary session in the European Parliament, MEPs discussed migration, tax evasion, terrorist financing, Hungary’s president’s Viktor Orbán’s  hint of reinstating death penalty, “conflict minerals”, digital single market, maternity leave, security and defense, and much more, also informally in the halls and cafeterias in Strasbourg. Slovene MEP’s discussed with Euportal burning issues. The [...]

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Slovene MEPs in Posavje


Tomorrow, 30 January 2015, the Slovene Members of the European Parliament will visit the Sava valley, where they will meet with civil society, local authorities and the media to discusse the current issues in the European Parliament and its work, and also to listen to civil society. They visit will also visit several companies in [...]

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Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker in the Parliament on “Lux leaks”

juncker lux leaks

Last week  (12 November) Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker appeared in person for Parliament’s extraordinary debate.  Mr Juncker underlined that the tax rulings in Luxembourg were not illegal even though he admitted that “there probably was a certain amount of tax avoidance in Luxembourg, as in other EU countries. We find this everywhere in Europe because [...]

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Juncker’s team confirmed after further portfolio changes

Juncker commission

Before MEPs voted to confirm his college of commissioners, Jean-Claude Juncker promised changes to medicines, citizenship, sustainability and space. The proposed college of 28 commissioners put forward by Jean-Claude Juncker, the president-elect of the European Commission, was approved today (22 October) by the European Parliament. 423 MEPs voted, 209 voted against, and 67 abstained. The [...]

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Ask MEPs

STR stavba

Euportal goes to Strasbourg. On live from the European Parliament. On Wednesday 17  September from 10:00 to 11:00 and Thursday from 9:00 to 10:00. On Wednesday MEPs Tanja Fajon, Ivo Vajgl, Tominc Romana and Lojze Peterle will be interviewd. On Thursday Franc Bogovič and Patricia Šurlin. Current news will be presented. Questions to MEPs [...]

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Strengthening the rights of older persons in Europe

I. Vajgl dogodek EP

MEP Ivo Vajgl and MEP Tanja Fajon will, on the  3rd December 2013, hoste a conference on strengthening the rights of older people in Europe “Strengthening the rights of Older Persons in Europe: Which Tools? ‘. The Conference will be held from 10:00 to 12:30 in room PHS P5B 001 in the EP. More info [...]

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