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3,9 million for media freedom

independent media

20.11.2020 – Today, the European Commission launched a call for proposals of €3.9 million to further support cross-border investigations as well as to map and address violations of press and media freedom.The call aims for example at legally and materially supporting investigative journalists training, promoting content sharing, co-creation and translation of journalistic pieces of general [...]

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Early music festival

festival Brežice

19.7.2019 – The concerts of early music with top artists from all over the world in the most beautiful cultural monuments of Slovenia will take place in August. More: here The press conferences of  the Seviqc Brežice 2019 will take place on: Tuesday, 30.7.2019, 11:30, Zagreb, Slovenski dom, Masarykova 13 Wednesday, 31.7.2019, 11:00, Brežice, Kavarna [...]

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Press on Ukraine – the possibility of “Bosnian Scenario”

press on Ukraine

The number and content of last week’s news on Ukraine in the European media testify: in the eyes of Europeans it turns  into a hot spot. TV and radio reports were filled with articles on the military theme from the East. Especially notable were the stories of individual participants in military conflict, like soldiers, and others operating in this zone. Thus, the Belgian newspaper “De Morgen” in an article entitled “Where [...]

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