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Evropska komisija je sprejela vseevropska pravila za drone.


12.3.2019 – The European Commission today adopted common EU-wide rules setting technical requirements for drones. They will set features and capabilities that drones must have in order to be flown safely and, at the same time, help foster investment and innovation in this promising sector.  The EU rules build on national rules that were in [...]

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International Data Protection Day

data protection

28.1.2019 – Today is the International Data Protection Day. Personal data has become a valuable resource in the modern economy, which has also increased the possibilities of abuse. Personal data should be handled with care and responsibility, and in the EU, the protection of personal data is a fundamental right. In May 2018, the EU [...]

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New EU rules allow Europeans to shop online without borders


3.12.2018 – On 3rd of December 2018 the new regulation proposed by the European Commission in May 2016 to end unjustified geoblocking online will enter into force. Europeans will not have to worry about a website blocking or re-routing them just because they, or their credit card, come from a different country. Wherever they are [...]

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Social media companies to comply with EU consumer rules

social media

15.2.2018 – The changes made by Facebook, Twitter and Google+ to align their terms of services with EU consumer protection rules have been published today. These changes will already benefit more than a quarter of a billion of EU consumers who use social media: EU consumers will not be forced to waive mandatory EU consumer [...]

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Social Media’s Junkies and Dealers

Social media author

At the World Economic Forum in Davos, the threat from Internet platform monopolies should be a top concern for attendees. For the sake of restoring balance to our lives and hope to our politics, it is time to disrupt the disrupters. We were warned. The venture capitalist and Netscape founder Marc Andreessen wrote a widely [...]

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European Commission on Glyphosate


8.11.2017-The state of play and the next steps in the procedure of the renewal of the approval of glyphosate was on the College agenda today. The Commission is working towards reaching a decision which enjoys the broadest possible support by the Member States while ensuring a high level of protection of human health and the [...]

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Safe drone sector in EU


16.6. 2017-The Single European Sky Air traffic management Research Joint Undertaking has today unveiled its blueprint to make drone use in low-level airspace safe, secure and environmentally friendly. Following a request by the European Commission, the Single European Sky Air traffic management Research Joint Undertaking[1] – whose role is to develop the new generation European [...]

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