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Remdesivir – cure for COVID -19

COVID - 19 2

29.7.2020 – Yesterday, the European Commission has signed a contract with the pharmaceutical company Gilead to secure treatment doses of Veklury, the brand name for Remdesivir. Veklury was the first medicine authorised at EU level for treatment of COVID-19. As from early August onwards, and in order to meet immediate needs, batches of Veklury will [...]

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Does China Have Feet of Clay?


No one knows what China’s future holds, and there is a long history of faulty predictions of systemic collapse or stagnation. Neither outcome is likely, though the country is facing several challenges that are far more serious than many observers seem to think. Chinese President Xi Jinping seems to be on a roll. He has [...]

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Commission acts to prevent mis-selling of insurance products

22.9.2017- The Commission has today adopted rules to protect consumers when they buy insurance products in the EU. New rules on product oversight and governance will for the first time oblige insurers to prioritise the interest of consumers when designing, developing and distributing all insurance products from 2018 onwards. In addition, new conduct of business [...]

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EU supports USA


30.8.2017-The European Commission’s 24/7 Emergency Response Coordination Centre has recently been in regular contact with the US Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) over Hurricane Harvey and any EU support that could help the US authorities. The EU’s emergency Copernicus Emergency Management Service has been activated at the request of FEMA and it is now providing [...]

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Presidents Tusk and Juncker congratulate Donald Trump

trump victory

We extend our sincere congratulations on your election as the 45th President of the United States of America. The strategic partnership between the European Union and the United States is rooted in our shared values of freedom, human rights, democracy and a belief in the market economy. Over the years, the European Union and the [...]

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EU – US agreement to foster research cooperation

research usa eu

The European Commission and the US Government signed an agreement on the 17 October 2016, which will enable European and American researchers to work together more closely on projects funded under Horizon 2020, the EU’s research and innovation programme. Carlos Moedas, European Commissioner for Research, Science and Innovation, said: “Bright ideas should know no boundaries, [...]

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TTIP 15th round


The 15th round of EU-US negotiations on the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) agreement will take place in New York City, from 3 to 7 October. The aim of this round is to make as much progress as possible in all areas of the talks, in particular in the regulatory cooperation and rules areas. [...]

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The independance of the Federal Reserve

photo Federal reserves

The independence of the Federal Reserve is considered a cornerstone of its identity, crucial for keeping monetary policy decisions free of electoral politics. But do we really understand what is meant by “Federal Reserve independence”? Using scores of examples from the Fed’s rich history, The Power and Independence of the Federal Reserve shows that much [...]

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America’s Incarcerated Economy

sing sing

The United States has 5% of the world’s population and 25% of the world’s prison population – about 2.2 million people, five times as many as in 1980. One out of every 100 American adults is incarcerated – the highest per capita rate in the world, 5-10 times higher than in Western Europe or other [...]

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Midterm elections bring republican majority to senate


Republicans gain majority control of the Senate on Tuesdays’ midterm elections by gaining at least seven seats. The Democrats had to face the midterm elections with general dissatisfaction of Obama’s presidency, what has also become a central election topic. On election night, which resulted in a smooth victory for the Republicans, the Republican governors Scott [...]

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“Fire in the Hole” ( novel by John Kekec)


In the late 1880’s the author’s grandfather, Ferdinand Kekec, and his brother were among the thousands of eastern Europeans that immigrated to America to work in the vast underground mines as replacement workers for the striking miners. The book reveals how they were looking for a better life, and with high expectations found plenty of [...]

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EU-US trade talks – 6th round to start on 14 July

EU US talks

The European Commission will host a sixth round of EU-US trade talks in Brussels from Monday 14th to Friday 18th July 2014. The talks are on a new trade and investment deal, known as the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership, or TTIP. During this round, negotiators will continue their discussions on issues such as trade [...]

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