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EP president’s “faux pas”

Tajani Bazovica

13.2.2019 – Three months before the European Elections the president of the European Parliament was asked to resign. The reason for this unpleasant surprised was his speech in Italy in Bazovica, a small town at the border with Slovenia. Mr. Tajani attended the ambiguous ceremony on the 10 February, remembering the victims of the communist [...]

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Europe-Wide Day of Remembrance for the victims of all totalitarian and authoritarian regimes

totalitarian regimes red star

22.8.2018 – “Each year on this day, we pay tribute to the victims of all totalitarian regimes and recall with sorrow the terrible consequences of the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact, signed on 23 August 1939 by Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union. The Pact plunged Europe even deeper into one of its darkest periods. Millions of people [...]

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Declaration by the High Representative of EU


23.2.2018 – The European Union is running out of words to describe the horror being experienced by the people of Eastern Ghouta. Hundreds of civilians, women, children are targeted deliberately and relentlessly. They are the real, innocent, victims of this war. Unhindered humanitarian access and the protection of civilians is a moral duty and a [...]

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London’s attack

Police Attend Incident At London Bridge

4.6.2017 – Authorities in central London said seven victims have been killed, at least 48 hospitalized, and three attackers shot dead by police in a terror attack Saturday night. Twenty-one of the victims are in a critical condition. It is the third terrorist attack in the U.K. this year, and the second in London, and [...]

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Manchester attack


24.5.2017 – British Prime Minister Theresa May announced armed soldiers will be deployed on Britain’s streets and raised the nation’s threat level to critical, the highest possible, as authorities are yet to confirm whether the attacker acted alone. Fear factor enters the UK election: The major parties suspended their election campaigns but the Manchester attack [...]

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More victims in the conflict in Kyiv tonight

ukrajina žrtve 3

Since this morning of the 18.February, when a speaker of the Ukraine parliament refused to register the opposition draft law to return to the 2004 Constitution, there is the escalation of the violence in the streets of Kyiv.    6 people are confirmed dead by the Maidan medical service, around 10 more deathly wounded; two [...]

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